Friday, June 13, 2008

Thrown A Curve by Sara Griffiths

She's got only one friend and a father who seems to hate her. Fourteen-year-old Taylor Dresden's life is neither normal nor easy. She is an average student, but her ball playing is anything but average. After giving up baseball for nearly six years, Taylor is forced to begin playing again or get turned over to the police for an act of vandalism committed on her school. No one seems to cheer for her at home or on the field, not even her baseball playing brothers. However, her self-confidence grows throughout the book as she begins to open up and solve the many complicated problems in her chaotic life, such as an ongoing relationship with her best friend and the real reason her mother left. Taylor struggles to fit in somewhere and attempt to let her true self shine through. This is a good solid book that any adolescent can easily relate to.

This book was a pretty average book about a struggling adolescent. Told in the first person narrative, I could really connect with the 14-year-old and empathize with her situation. The author's language was simple and to the point, although I would have liked a little more detail in some scenes. Most of the story was sad but it had some good moments and concluded well at the end. I don't think this book is quite good enough to recommend to someone but it was a mediocre book that all adolescents could relate to.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Richmond, Virginia USA

Rating: 7

Content Rating: 1

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