Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding

A theater might not be the most normal place to live, but for Cat the Theater Royal is home. She spends her days helping out actors and playing in the London streets, her evenings watching whatever newest production her "family" has put on, and her nights curled up on discarded costumes in the attic of the theater. Life is good, but when a mysterious diamond is hidden somewhere in the theater, everything changes. Suddenly gangs are fighting over Cat and lords and ladies are sneaking into the theater to snoop. Cat knows that she has to protect the diamond, but will her supposed friends, Pedro and Johnny, be helpful or simply doom her mission?

What with the intriguing plot, cover, and play-like way of storytelling, this book promised to be good from the get-go. The characters were fresh and lovable, the theater where most of the story took place was bustling with excitement, and it seemed that the direct, amusing tone that invited readers "brave enough to follow" into Cat's life would continue throughout the novel. Unfortunately, this was not to be. A few chapters into the book it became clear that Ms.Golding has forgotten an elementary rule of creative writing-- to "show" and not just "tell." Throughout her novel, things only happen when they are entirely necessary, and are told so matter-of-factly that this is blatantly clear. This results in a boring and predictable novel that, despite all that it had going for it to begin with, falls brutally flat. Sure, it might be worth a read, but don't expect anything miraculous-- in fact, as Cat herself says, "Be warned."

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: , Maryland United States

Rating: 6

Content Rating: 1

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