Monday, June 02, 2008

There's a Spaceship in My Tree by Robert West

This book is about Beamer, who moves from California to middle-America and feels like an alien. His new house does not do anything to help him feel at home, because it is completely filled with odd, voice-activated contraptions. He meets up with two other strange kids named Scilla and Ghoulie, who become his new best friends. One day they are being chased by the school bully, Jared, when the three of them decide to hide in Beamers weird, rocket ship shaped, tree house. That’s when things begin to get really interesting. When Jared attempts to follow them he runs out screaming, and the tree house rockets them out on a Star Trek-like adventure.

Even though this book was a bit far fetched, it was quite good. The characters were so believable that I wanted to call up Scilla and talk to her. Another strength of this book was that its descriptions were so vivid that I could see the action happening next to me. This book is a quick read with a fast moving plot that I would recommend to people between 8 and 10. It would be a good book to read in the car when going someplace you don’t particularly want to go because it really draws you in and makes you forget what you are doing. The author made a large amount of references from Star Trek, so be up to date on trekkie trivia.

Reviewer Age:11

Reviewer City, State and Country: Exeter, New Hampshire USA