Saturday, June 28, 2008

Songs From A Teenage Nomad by Kim Culbertson

Calle Smith knows all about first days of school. Whenever things don't work out with her current husband/boyfriend, Calle's Mom flips a coin on a map, and off they go for a new start. Calle finds a new start in the small town of Andreas Bay, California. While there, she becomes part of a group, learns about friendship, and of young love. But more importantly, Calle learns the secret of why her mother feels the need to move from place to place.

I found this book very entertaining. The thing that I loved about this book is that it shows the secret struggles of teens in all social groups. Kim Culbertson did a great job capturing the deeper emotions people hold. Because she showed that not only did Calle just move to a new town, she was starting as a Freshman having no knowledge of the people around her. I recommend this book to girls far and wide because everyone knows what it's like to feel alienated and disconnected to the people around them.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Seaside , OR USA