Monday, June 23, 2008

Riding High by Donna King

Billie Mason has always loved riding and competing with her wonderful horse, Valentine's Kiss. She has always been told that she is a great rider. But Billie soon loses all of her confidence and stops competing when she witnesses a frightening mishap with another horse during one of her events. Billie knows that she might have to face her fears when she hears even her closest friends talking about her losing her nerve, her dad is complaining to her about how much money they are wasting by not competing, and the thought of maybe having to sell her extremely loved horse scares her the most. On the other hand, Billie loves her new trainer, Sarah, who understands her perfectly and is trying to help her overcome her fears in the show ring and on the cross-country course. Now she is torn between two choices. Will she choose to start competing again to keep her talented horse or will she be too scared about putting her horse in danger after what she saw and have to sell Val?

When I read Riding High I thought it was an okay or pretty good book. I liked the connection that Sarah and Billie shared and how Sarah understood and could help with what Billie was feeling. I was surprised by some of the negative attitude her family and friends gave her. I thought it was weird that they were not supporting her no matter what she did. I felt that some parts of the book went by too fast and more detail would have been nice. But I also found this book interesting, especially to me, because I am also a horseback rider and have experienced some of the things she has, so it was easy for me to understand what Billie was thinking and feeling. This story, overall, was a fun story to read. I didn't think that it was very powerful, with a lot of deep meaning, but still a good pleasure book.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Midlothian, VA USA