Friday, June 06, 2008

Miranda is a math genius at Geek High who is so smart that she is known as the human calculator. In the first book in the series, Geek High, she finally has found her first almost-quasi-boyfriend, a guy named Dex who is an all-star lacrosse star at Orange Cove High. The second book, Geek Abroad, begins with the start of holiday break. Miranda visits her mother in London, hoping that Dex will try to stay in touch. When a few days go by and still no word from Dex, Miranda begins to wonder if Dex lost interest in her. While in London, Miranda meets Henry, the British guy who makes it clear that he is interested in her. As Miranda spends more time with Henry, and still receives no word from Dex, she begins to wonder if she should move on. When holiday break ends and Miranda returns back home, life gets even more complicated when faced with the awkward silences between her and Dex. Miranda has to decide what should she do with her love life.

After reading the first book, Geek High, I was hooked. When I learned that a sequel was in the making I couldn't wait for its release. Now that I have read the sequel, Geek Abroad, I realized that it lived up to my expectations. When Geek Abroad showed up in my mailbox, I read the whole book front to back in less than 24 hours. While Geek Abroad answered all of the questions that I had about Miranda and Dex's relationship after reading the first book, it still left me wondering what would happen next in their relationship. Though I read Geek High first, I feel that you don't need to read it to understand Geek Abroad.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Potomac, Maryland United States