Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Elite by Jennifer Banash

Casey McCloy is your average teen, from Normal, IL, but now she's decided to take advantage of her mother being away on business. She moves in with her grandmother, to the fabulous Bramford, right in the heart of NYC. Almost immediately, she runs into the most popular girl in her building, as well as in Casey's new school, Madison McAllister. After Madison and her friends give Casey a total makeover, Casey starts catching everyone's eye, including Madison's sometimes-boyfriend Drew. With everyone vying for the spotlight, will Madison ruin Casey's new image to deter Drew, or will she let Drew have Casey?

I enjoyed this book, and although I thought at first that it was going to be one of those fake, all the populars get their way kind of book, it really wasn't. I liked that the author had several chapters from each of the main characters’ points of view, which gave me a well-rounded opinion of each character in the story. The author was very descriptive, although I honestly felt that I did not need to know every single brand of clothing/shoes/accessories each character wore. One slightly annoying thing was the amount of sub-plots, the majority of which were never finished. For example, Madison and Drew's relationship sometimes overpowered the main plot. But the good thing about sub-plots is that they give each character a story behind them, so I felt as if I knew them better. Although this book was fun to read, the amount of cursing was appalling. For this reason, I would only recommend this book to all young adults 13 and up.

On the first page alone, the main character curses 3 times. The language is very strong, including several uses of the f-word. There is also an enormous amount of sexual content, including very sexually intimate scenes with several details. There is also underage drinking, and one of the main characters gets drunk.


Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Boothwyn, PA USA