Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

The book Devil May Care is a continuation of the various
dangerous adventures of the notable character James Bond.
Bond is summoned from his sabbatical in order to investigate
Dr. Julius Gorner, a powerful figure that seems to
have an interest in selling drugs, of both the legal and
illegal kind. He is helped on his adventures by Scarlett
Papava, who is, supposedly, a banker. James Bond struggles
to uncover Gorner's operations as strange things occur,
such as a missing British airliner and heroin addicts
on the rise in Britain. Bond travels to the Middle East
and has quite a few surprises. There is a twist at the end
concerning Scarlett Papava.

The book Devil May Care has
a few significant flaws. First of all, some scenes have way
too much detail. Some parts of the book are absolutely
gory. There did not have to be that much detail. Also, it
is a little boring in some places. It seems that Bond
is always eating, talking, traveling, or thinking about
Scarlett. The writing is not difficult to follow, but it
is not too easy either. I don't think I'll ever read this
book again; it was pretty disappointing. Even without the
disgusting scenes, this book is not at all
spectacular. However, Sebastian Faulks did make it seem realistic, just
too realistic in some places. The characters seemed real,
but I, for one, would not like to meet them.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country:
Charleston, SC USA