Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Best Dance Moves in the World... Ever! by Matt Pagett

The Best Dance Moves in the World... Ever, by Matt Pagett, is a pretty funny book. You learn 100 new and classic moves and how to bust them. The step by step instructions teach you everything from "Saturday Night Fever" to the "Bay Watch." With illustrations on every page, inspiration, and advice on music and props; you too can get down tonight!
Are you tired of people staring and getting embarrassed because of you dancing? Are you the type of guy who tries to bust a move, but instead busts a hip? Then this book is for you!

When I read this book I was shocked! I never knew that there was a dance called the Q-Tip, or the lawn mower! I was laughing and having a great time reading. Within a couple of days I was dancing like Elvis Presley and Napoleon Dynamite! I brought this book with me to a school dance and I was able to do the worm, the belly-roll and the ass-shaker! I think anyone from age 9 to 99 would have a great time dancing with their friends.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Renton, WA USA

Rating: 9

Content Rating: 1

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