Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trion Rising by Robert Elmer

What would happen if Jesus came to another planet? Oriannon Hightower of Nyssa is a girl living the good life on the bright side of her planet, Corista. She is an eidich, a person who remembers everything that ever happened to her. Every single detail; she can never forget. But that's exactly what starts to happen when a new mentor of a mysterious background comes to her school. He starts teaching new songs and new ideas, and suspicions arise that he might be a fabled faithbreaker, trying to tempt them away from the teachings of the Maker and the word of the High Assembly. When she discovers that their water supply is being stolen from the people on the dark half of the planet, where the new mentor, Jesmet, comes from, will Oriannon have the strength to do what's right?

I found Trion Rising to be intriguing, the concept of the book alone pulled me in. The characters are really well developed, if a little hard to relate to. The plot sometimes moved in fits and starts, which made it hard to keep going. But as you near the end, the tension builds so much that it left me a little startled when the end came; I wanted to find out what happens next. Her amazing memory aside, Oriannon is just a typical teen, finding ways to talk to her friends in class without getting caught and arguing with her stubborn dad. The way the author used music to convey feelings and tie everything together made it even more powerful. Towards the end, you see many more references to the Bible, and it leaves you curious, on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Shoreview, Minnesota United States

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