Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Secrets for Sale

In Secrets for Sale by Kristi Holl, a work of Christian fiction, protagonist Jeri finds herself neck-deep in a case of blackmail against her best friend, Rosa. But the worst part is that Rosa thinks Jeri is doing the blackmailing! Jeri is determined to help her friend and save their friendship. Starting with the most likely suspects, Jeri is sidetracked when Rosa is thrown off the drama team because she did not pay the blackmailer. Miss Kimberly, the drama teacher, seems appalled, but yet . . . not so much. Is there more to Miss Kimberly than meets the eye? Jeri finds out that there is . . . and she barely escapes with her life!

This book does not hide the fact that it is Christian fiction, but it has the added quality of being a mystery. There are some good thrills and chills in it! When Jeri is fighting, literally, for her life, she is rescued by her Dad and credits God with guiding her dad to find and save her. This is unlike many other books, where the rescuer's appearance would be frustratingly random and make me think, "Yeah, right, he just HAPPENED to guess she was in the clock tower!" To me, this was unique and satisfying. I also liked that there was a true villain, and that the characters had to go through real danger and struggles. If you like Nancy Drew, I think you should give this book, and others in the series, a shot.

Reviewer Age:12

Reviewer City, State and Country: Saugerties, New York USA