Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catwalk by Deborah Gregory

In the fashion industry, only the most talented models
make it to the big time. The main characters of this book
go to Fashion International, the school where it doesnt
matter where you come from but it's what you wear that
counts. The Catwalk competition is the only way to get
the true prize or a job working with fashion. This novel
shows the rewards while drama weaves its way through to
see who will truly last to come home with the

Catwalk used language that truly exemplified the
general feeling of attitude that is shown throughout the
chapters. The characters also carried this attitude
through the way they talked and acted. This book used
terms that were a bit confusing at times such as blang
which is bling squared. This book was a bit of a slow
read for me because it didn't catch my attention.
Cattiness set aside, I would recommend this for a younger
age group and to people who are interested in the fashion

Reviewer Age:14
Reviewer City, State and
Country: Richmond, Virginia United States of America