Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Walk Through

This book contains various poems covering a wide scope of
different topics. The author depicts topics such as growing
up, making choices, self-confidence, and how small things
can affect one's day. Many of the subjects of this book's
poems are important for adolescents and young adults.
Carefully chosen words and phrases come together to
illustrate essential messages. It is easy to understand the
point the author wishes to make in each of his sixty poems.
Adolescents and young adults will be able to identify with
many poems and find inspiration in this book.

While I appreciated the messages that A Walk Through
Life attempted to convey, I felt that these messages were
overpowered with the way in which they were presented.
Every poem had precisely the same construction: a rhyme
pattern of AABBCC and so on throughout the poem. This would
not pose a problem if it were not for the rhymes
themselves. Each rhyme was laboriously chosen, resulting in
the fact that the rhythm of each poem was lost in the
effort. It was common in this book for two lines to be of
completely different lengths and simply rhyme at the end.
Despite this, I enjoyed the author's attempt, though the
aforementioned criticism keeps the book from being what it
could be. Hidden within the book are the promises of what
it could be with a bit more effort; there were several
lines that fit perfectly and seemed to light the poems. If
one wishes to seek perspective and better understanding in
their life, I would recommend this book, but not for the
poetry itself.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State
and Country: Melrose, MA United States