Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three Little Words

Three Little Words, by Ashley Rhodes- Courter, is a tragic story with a fairy tale ending. This memoir binds the unbelieveable horrors of foster care with the prayers of adoption.

Because Ashley's mother could not properly care for her, Ashley was forced to overcome 19 different foster parents. In one home, Ashley was beaten, starved and severely mistreated for very minor things that really shouldn't matter. In another home, Ashley was, unknowingly, living with a sex offender and caught a glimpse of something that scarred her for life.

All the while, poor Ashley waits for the relentless promises by her mother to be granted. Ashely can't help but wonder if this black hole, that she calls her life, will always be the same or if she will finally be reunited with her beloved mother.

I think that a person who reads this book has to be in the right mindset to really enjoy its content. It is a great story for the more optimistic individual, but most lives do not turn out as fantastically wonderful as this woman's life concluded in the story. Many people do not want to know about someone else's happy-ending story, because many times their own turns out to be different than they wanted or imagined it to be. I did not really care for this book, because I believe that it seemed very unrealistically sappy, but I could see myself recommending this to some of my friends who often read this kind of story. Overall, this definitely was not one of my favorite books, to say the least.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Tipp City, Ohio United States