Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frozen Fire

Dusty was just like any other normal 14-year-old, until a phone call turned her world upside down. A strange boy called her phone and told Dusty he was dying. The stranger said he needed someone to talk to in his last hour. He claimed to be named Josh, the name of Dusty's missing brother. Dusty figured out where "Josh" was, and decided to investigate. Caught by three men, also searching for the boy, they tried to make Dusty tell them where "Josh" was hiding. Dusty got away and figured out "Josh" was not actually dying. With only a few clues, Dusty found the strange boy, who was definitely not her brother. "Josh" had snow white skin and hair, always wore a duffel coat, was convicted of rape, and also had the strange power of being able to immobilize and hurt people. Eventually, Dusty got into a lot of trouble, because she hung around the boy so much. People thought that Dusty was in league with him. Dusty fell into a whirlwind adventure as she tried to find her missing brother, while dealing with a mysterious boy.

Tim Bowler did an amazing job making this book into, not just a mystery, but also an extraordinary thriller! He had diverse characters that all had a place in the story, not one character was there that did not have its own purpose. The characters were also very well developed in terms of personality. The plot was thick with suspense and thrill. At the very end, Bowler dropped a huge secret that was the solution to the book. It was the biggest shock in the whole story. He also did an amazing job with the diversity of the characters' language. This book was one that I could not stand to put down!

This book talks a lot about rape and issues only appropriate for the age recommendations.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania USA