Friday, July 27, 2007

Hidden by Dottie Enderle

Fiona's grandmother died,so there family has to clear out the house and sell it. Fiona discovers a card addressed to her grandmother from her grandfather. In the card, it had said that he had hidden something valuable that could change her family's life. Fiona was determined to figure it out, along with her friend, Eugene, who's alittle unusual. She ends up having to leave the house, but decides to take one last trip to her grandmother's house, to look for the hidden item, what happens next puts Fiona in great danger!

I loved the twist and turns the most. One minute Fiona was at her grandmother's house,the next she was in great danger. I love her curiousty. When she found the card, she immidately took intrest. I also loved how the author never lost topic. She always talked about the hidden item. I loved the ending. The author didn't leave you with questions, like other books can. The vocabulary was easy to understand and would really be mature for all readers. The author really made it a children's book.

Reviewer Age:11

Reviewer City, State and Country: Fort Wayne, Indiana U.S.A