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The Pack - Retribution

The Pack - Retribution by L.M Preston
L.M Preston
Phenomenal One Press
Release Date:Sep-28-2012

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young adult

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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  HSchl0212
Just a year after Shamira and her friends destroyed the evil organization MONEV, her team is on its final training mission as cadets when they are ambushed by mysterious invisible assasins that kill their security force's leader, Cal.This time around, Shamira has her talented friends behind her, but they have no clue who's responsible. After exploring and getting ambushed again, Shamira believes ex-members of MONEV are trying to hurt the ones close to her, which for her means ditching them and investigating on her own. But Kurt follows her. She now realizes that she needs her companions to bring down the enemy once and for all. Still, she goes solo. Shamira is caught in a mastermind of a trap until her faithful allies rescue her and together ruin the remains of a once thriving crime ring. To do so, they must leave behind Dion, a close friend. Thank God they have each other.

The beginning was lame in the way it seemed like something a sixth grader who was trying too hard to impress his teacher would write. The plot was suspiciously familiar to the original book, but I let it slide because of course, it wasn't a bad thought to begin with. The main character's trust issues, though a major trait, distracted from the main idea at least once every three chapters. I wish LM Preston would maybe have improved the original novel, but it was just about the same quality, average. Though I was unimpressed with some bits, it is not quite as bad as school-assigned novels.

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Leawood, Kansas USA

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