The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman by J.L.Manning
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  TKono
"The Night Watchman" by J.L.Manning is a typical story of an underdog gone supernatural. A disabled man with a speech impediment and physical hindrances discovers a machine that makes him more than ordinary--it makes him extraordinary. Afterwards, he goes around defeating evil and racing cars in his leisure time. He later gets involved with some shady characters that influence him negatively. In the end, there is a happy ending with the eponymous character absconding insouciantly.

Self- published, the book is riddled with grammatical and syntax- related errors. As for the story itself, it is reminiscent of a cross between The Hulk and The Fast and the Furious. There are some mature references that sour the book. Also, it is suggested that readers be a fan of drag racing as it takes up a vast majority of the book. Furthermore, the speech of the characters is very colloquial.

References to alcohol, drugs, prostitution, obscenity, swearing, delinquency, illegality, and more

Reviewer Age:18

Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA


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