The Century For Young People

The Century For Young People by Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings
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In this three collection set, authors Todd Jennings and Todd Brewster highlight major occurrences of the twentieth century. The books are split up into the years 1901-1936, 1936-1961, and 1961-1999. Each section contains a summary of the year with personal accounts of people living during that year. There are a variety of topics to capture the interest of all readers. Some topics included are widely covered in history classes, such as WWI and WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Great Depression. But the authors include other lighter topics such as the first airplane ride by the Wright Brothers and the Jazz Era. Theres something to capture the interest of everyone within these books.

Before reading this, I can say that I wasnt a fan of reading nonfiction. But the personal accounts included in these books really captured my interest. Its fascinating to read what people witnessed firsthand and its a refreshing way to learn history compared to what we read in textbooks. Now I wish there was a way to put together a collection for the other centuries as well! I would definitely recommend this for young readers.

Reviewer Age:23

Reviewer City, State and Country: Philadelphia, PA USA


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