Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. (eBook)

Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. (eBook) by S.Dodson
Mahogney Ink
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  TKono
This non-fiction ebook is a sober read with a girly twist. Major obstacles that teen girls may encounter are juxtaposed with feminine fonts. While not every girl faces the problems of pregnancy, cutting, eating disorders, sexting, and low self-esteem, the book is still interesting. Most young readers will find teenage problems enticing and exotic to the literary eye, regardless of whether or not they can actually use said advice. For most youthful readers, this ebook will portray to them some bad decisions that many girls make and what the consequences are. All things considered, this book is not a deep psychological treatise on teenage problems and how to treat them. Also, the author heavily stresses the importance of getting an education and loving yourself as you are. These ideas would be criticized as cliched if not for the fact that they are so encouraging and needed in society

This book is a tremendously quick read. The font is large, some sentences are written out in a bullet-like format, and many pages are left blank. There are some color pictures, but, for the most part, the book is just black-and-white text. The grammar is pretty decent, although I saw a couple small typos here and there. Some of what is included in this ebook may be considered common sense to older readers. However, younger girls will enjoy just learning about mistakes other girls make. It's like a deer on the side of the road - everyone knows what roadkill looks like, but there are still those who are compelled to glance at the carcass. There is the notion of praying in this book, but no one religion is mentioned. Christian readers like myself may sympathize with readers with real problems like those mentioned in this ebook. Instead of being led to Jesus Christ, girls are encouraged to channel some sort of prayer out into the ether of God knows what (pun intended). Also included are spaces for girls to answer questions, which add slight interactive factors.

Topics like teen pregnancy, cutting, depression, and other "big issues" arise.

Reviewer Age:20

Reviewer City, State and Country: Tuscaloosa, AL USA


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