Small Town Sinners

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker
Bloomsbury Teens
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young adult

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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  CMy
Lacey Byer is a sixteen-year-old girl who just got her license and is now ready to take on the world, that is, if her Christian parents would let her. Once Ty Davis arrives back in town though, (he had lived there once before years ago), he shakes up her world. Ty is absolutely perfect and good-girl Lacey quickly falls for him, especially his gorgeous blue eyes and his lovely smile. Aside from practicing for her role as abortion girl in her churchs annual play called Hell House, she also works on the weekends as a waitress at Joeys and spends the rest of her free time either hanging out with her friends or getting to know Ty. Laceys parents do not approve of Ty and she hasnt the slightest idea why not. Not long after her parents express their disapproval though, Ty begins asking Lacey questions that she cant always answer and she begins to question her long-practiced faith and what is really right from wrong. The deeper into her dream fantasy with Ty Lacey goes, the quicker she begins to realize that maybe Ty isnt the innocent little boy she used to know after all. The story Small Town Sinners is overall a fairly good book. It was semi-slow-paced though and at times made me want to put it down. The book wasnt as interesting as the cover made it appear to be because not a lot of events unfolded throughout the story; it started feeling like I wasnt getting anywhere and neither were the characters. I could really relate to the characters Ty and Lacey, both of which were well-developed, and I felt that they were real people. I couldve gotten along well with them. The plot was a good idea, but I felt that it couldve been taken to a whole new level; the events started to become somewhat repetitive. I did enjoy the problems the author added into the story, with the characters questioning their faith, those problems were realistic and it was interesting to see the characters working through them and finding solutions. The ending wasnt quite what I was expecting, but thats not a bad thing; the ending was one of the best parts and the book really picked up the last few chapters. The author, Melissa Walker, left off at a good point in the book that maybe she will write a sequel and put that potential pizzazz in the next one. Overall, it was an easy book to relate to and read, the grammar and language wasnt too hard and the book was well-written by the author. I would probably recommend it to girls closer to fourteen or maybe sixteen because I feel they would relate to the issues within the book the best.
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  SFri1111
Small Town Sinners is a verry faith-based book. The main charector is Lacey, who's dream has always been to be the Abortion Girl for her church's Hell House. Then she re-meets Ty Davis who used to live in Stile Water with Lacey but, he moved away. Now he is back and Lacey is falling for him. Ty starts asking Lacey questions that make Lacey question her own faith. And Lacey's father ,one of the church's Pastors, is not okay with Lacey hanging out with Ty anymore. Lacey has always lisened to her father but now she felles he is making the worng chouse by not letting Lacey be with any of her friends. She thinks she is no longer in the line with God and needs her friends (Starla Joy-Laceys best friend, Dean-Laceys best friend who she tinks might be gay, and Ty-Laceys new boyfriend) help finding her path agen.

Small Town Sinners Should only be read if you dont mind verry strong christian morals and belifes. It quotes the bible a lot. I liked the book because it had a strong lesson that if you have your friends and an open mind you can go through anything together. This book over all was very moving and I have recomened it to all of my christian friends and they love it! My only sugestion would be to make to boy charecters more manly. I did fall in love with all of the people in the book. Some of the questions that Lacey and her friends are put up agenst are the verry same questions I ask myself. I have found this book verry well writen and would recomen it to any christian.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Sandy, Oregon U.S.A


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