Sleepless by Cyn Balog
Cyn Balog
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Julia, a redheaded girl who was kidnapped at age seven but escaped, is pitied by the world for her tragic past. She is a misunderstood, lonely outcast among her peers but takes to a boy named Griffin, who becomes her first boyfriend. Griffin helps her to move on with her life and not dwell in the past. Since he always plays tricks on her, Julia believes that the phone call she receives notifying her of boyfriends death in a fatal car accident is just another one of his pranks. Then reality hits and she realizes it was no joke at all. Griffins best friend, Bret, is in love with Julia and is hopeful that after Griffins death Julia with fall for him. But she doesnt feel the same way about him. Julia, sad, lonely, and lost, cant sleep well anymore and her dreams are now filled with grief. Eron DeMarchelle is her sandman, a supernatural being who helps humans sleep and who was sent to her when she was a child. He helps to provide her with better nights during her troubling time. Chimere, Erons mentor, has been stricken with him forever and would do anything to gain his love and admiration. But Erons affections already belong to another. Eron longs for Julia. His 100-year term as a sandman is almost up and his return to a human is quickly coming. Will he break his contract and risk being stuck as a sandman forever by pursuing his love for her, or will he lose his chance of a lifetime and possibly the woman of his dreams in order to guarantee his return to humankind? As the fight for Julias heart, and also Erons, gets increasingly intense the stakes involved grow even higher.

I really enjoyed reading Sleepless. From the moment I saw the delightfully gorgeous cover and read the first page, I was hooked and couldnt put it down. The author did an amazing job at developing the characters and creating a gripping tale that will hold your attention until the very end and even long after. I was smitten with Eron and I now long for a sandman of my very own. The story is written in two perspectives, Erons and Julias, and the chapters alternate between the two. I thought this added to the books overall appeal and allowed me to have a better feel for what was going on. I highly recommend this cute, young adult fantasy and Im excited to read more novels by this author. Sleepless is the second novel of Cyn Balog . Her debut novel was Fairy Tale and she has yet another, no doubt enticing, novel named Starstruck, which will be released the summer of 2011.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA USA


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