Sermonsnacks by Don Collette
Don Collette
Trafford Publishing
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  TKono
"Sermonsnacks" by Don Collette is compiled with encouragement and guidance. Its customary sections juxtapose faith and advice. The book conquers pain, loneliness, work, finances, family, and other issues. It is formatted like a normal devotional book. Devotionals tend to have a Bible verse, explanation of the verse, and a connection to modern times / issues on each page. The layout of the book is very instructive so anyone can understand the messages--both Christians and non-Christians. All age groups can relate to most discussions. Additionally, Don Colette sends the message that anyone can have what they want in life if they follow Jesus. Material goods are said to be distractions in a successfully spiritually life. "No sooner is the silver added, than you cease to see others, and you see only yourself," (Colette, 112). Many excerpts have messages like this that can be applied to everyone. Only a few of parts of the book are truly geared towards certain audiences. The section on family is geared more towards older married men and the finance section is meant for full-time workers. The work section is purposely vague as to relate to both adults at work and youngsters that may work after school. The pain and loneliness sections cover many acceptance issues, peer pressure, as well as fear of assimilation. Moreover, the faith section is for all since it pertains to human belief and hope.

Anyone can pick up "Sermonsnacks" by Don Colette. Occasionally, readers need to peruse over uplifting words. Luckily, consolation, victory, hope, belief, promises, blessings, and more leak through "Sermonsnacks." Colette says that all wrongs will be righted if one just trusts in God. He also mentions how Gods promises may take a while; the interim may even painful, but God will eventually implement divine favor. This book will provide comfort to many people, regardless of their faith. Colette conveys the message that one needs to lead a honest life devoid of shallow ideologies. While human errors are pointed out, Colette does not point fingers at any sect of religion. He gives advice that points towards Christianity, but he does not force the religion upon readers.

Reviewer Age:17

Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA


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