Not Anything

Not Anything by Carmen Rodrigues
Carmen Rodrigues
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KMeng
Susie Shannon seems to be a very depressed girl. She is in high school and is super intelligent though. Her mother had died years ago, and Susie never got over that tragedy. Her father seems to feel the same way, although Susie wouldn't know that as they barely talk to each other,and when they do it is very concise. Mr. Murphy is Susie's favorite teacher and he asked her to tutor one of the hottest guys in school; Danny Diaz. At first, the tutoring does not work out, but after a while they start to warm up to each other. However, problems occur with everyone....Susie's best friend Marisal, her neighbor Marc, classmates, and even Danny as it gets closer to Homecoming. This certainly doesn't help Susie at home either. It is the time of the year when her mother died and her father might be seeing someone else; Marisal's mother. How does Susie deal with all of her problems and does she like Danny more than a friend? Or does he like someone else?

Before I started reading Not Anything I expected it to be an 'okay' book. However, once I started to read it, I could not stop. The plot picks you up right from the beginning and keeps building up the entire way to the end. The vocabulary is very modern and appropriate for young adults. It is an easy read because a lot of the issues in the story are ones that actually happen in real life so you can relate to them. I liked the character Danny because he was interesting to get to know, and was similar to people I know. I wish the ending was different because I think Susie should have made different choices, but the ending was still very strong. I definitely recommend Not Anything to any female wishing to read about a high school girl.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States of America


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