Mines of the Minotaur

Mines of the Minotaur by Julia Golding
Julia Golding
Marshall Cavendish
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KMeng
In the third book of the Companions Quartet Connie continues learning about her ability to communicate with every kind of animal. She finds herself using her mysterious Universal powers in horrible ways. Her friends Col and Rat are by her side and try to protect her from the destruction she is causing. All these people that can communicate with any animals belong to the secret Society that protects them. Their enemy, Kullervo, has a hold on Connie and is causing her to do his nasty work to destroy humanity. Connie, herself, has another enemy; Mr. Coddrington. He tries to do everything he can to stop her from being a member of the Society. Connie finds previous members of the Society that are hurt from wars when she is alone and needs to heal them. Can Connie find the strength to help previous Society members and herself when Mr. Coddrington and Kullervo are trying to use her in different ways?

Throughout Mines of the Minotaur there are many conflicts that tie together. The characters face wind farms, destructive storms, an evil dragon, and many more problems. I loved how the solutions were worked out to these things in unique ways. It helped the plot of the story move quickly and grab your attention. Some of the story's strengths are the character's desires to help the environment and the mythological creatures. Their emotions make the reader feel the same way, and I am sure that readers would think more about those things. There was humor throughout the story that was very appropriate and enjoyable. I absolutely loved the ending because it is really happy and funny. The fourth and last book in this series is a must-read for me because of reading Mines of the Minotaur. I recommend other eco-fantasy lovers read Secret of the Sirens and work their way up through the series because they are very enjoyable.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States of America


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