Mia the Melodramatic

Mia the Melodramatic by Eileen Boggess
Eileen Boggess
Bancroft Press
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In this second Mia Fullerton book written by Eileen Boggess, Mia is just starting off her summer vacation when her mother comes into her bedroom and tells her that she now has a job working at the Little Tykes Theater of the Arts. Her whole summer and her plans are totally ruined by this and the fact that both her best friend and her boyfriend are going away for the entire summer. She starts her job soon after and realizes how crazy this summer is really going to be. The tyrant toddlers, along with her coworkers which include a punk goth girl with fifteen facial piercings named Zoey, a total hunk named Eric that Mia somewhat knew once upon a time, and this weird vegetarian, caffeine-addicted guy named Henry, help her job to be much more complicated than she had ever expected. Mia and her boyfriend, Tim, get in a fight and he loses all her trust and she then starts to realize how hot Eric really is. But when Tim comes home for the summer Mia is torn between whom to love. Tim, her neighbor who she has shared many memories with, or easy-going Eric who is easy to love and seems to always be there for her. So, the only question floating inside her mind is, which one to choose?

Mia the Melodramatic is the fantastic sequel to Mia the Meek. I enjoyed how this book was totally unique compared to the first novel in the Mia Fullerton Series. It was very interesting and it had me guessing what would happen next, right from the start. There was a lot of different events that took place throughout the story that kept the plot very enjoyable. I thought it was funny how she had to be playhouse pal and take care of the bratty children at her job and solve all the problems that occurred from their mischievous acts. I liked how they author made all of them characters have very unique personalities from one another and showed how they would interact with one another. I also enjoyed how the author wrote about the common pranks that each set of siblings tend to pull on one another; it kept the plot fresh. Mia the Melodramatic is a laugh-out-loud read that I recommend to young teens around middle school age.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA United States


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