Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon by Dotti Enderle
Dotti Enderle
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  TKono
"Man in the Moon" by Dotti Enderle is a children's chapter book. As its appropriate title suggests, the plot is focused around a peculiar man in a moon. Technically, the part about the moon is just a metaphor, but, towards the end of the book, the reader may take this statement to be more than just literary. The story follows a girl growing up in the sixties with a sickly younger brother. The boy yearns to play outside but is confined to his indoor setting. One day, a very unique man comes to visit. He saved the girl's father back in World War II and has a fascination with the moon. Oddly enough, he gains weight when the moon waxes and looses weight when the moon wanes.

This book is a must read for young and old alike. There are no swear words in it or inappropriate scenes. While younger ones will benefit greatly from reading this, it is also great for all ages. Children will learn life lessons and start up a love of reading while adults will enjoy a story that doesn't take too long for them to read with their busy schedules. Family issues, friendship, the notion of death, destiny, dreams, and social interactions are spelled out in the book. The book truly is a coming of age story that involves a silly yet somber man in the moon.

Reviewer Age:17

Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA


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