Lucky (by Rachel Vail)

Lucky (by Rachel Vail) by Rachel Vail
Rachel Vail
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When life is already perfect and you have almost everything your heart has ever desired, can not getting one thing you really want ruin your entire life? Well for most people the answer is no, but for Phoebe that answer is a whole other story. Phoebe had a bad feeling that something was awry when she came home early after school and her mother was home, but thinking that nothing bad could happen to her, she decided to just think nothing of it. Well, that was until Phoebe's mother took her shopping to look for the perfect dress for her perfect graduation (from middle school and 8th grade) party that she and her perfect friends were throwing. This was only a few days after her mother had announced that she had lost her job, but Phoebe figured that they could get through the crisis since she was the spoiled rich kid who had the best friends, the best family, the best clothes--the best of everything, really--and just the best life she could have. So once they arrived at the fancy store and she tried on that green dress that she had cut the picture of out of the Teen Vogue so long ago and knew it was the one, she thought life couldn't get any better, and she was right because from that point on it only got worse. Her embarrassment at the ritzy store, because they wouldn't accept any of her mother's credit cards was bad enough, but when her father told her that she had to cancel her party all together because they could no longer afford it, Phoebe thought that it was the end of the world. Not wanting to lose her best friend, Kirstyn, aka Miss Popularity, by letting Kirstyn find out about her financial crisis and how her family was on the brink of becoming poor, as well as becoming the main target of everyone's pity, she decided that covering up the truth and lying about it (and continually lying about her deep crush on Luke as well) would save her friendship, but it did quite the opposite. Now Phoebe, friendless, boyfriendless, and green dressless, having decided to handle everything on her own, may just not have that so- called perfect life after all; and until she learns to rely on her friends and family rather than just herself, she will never have that perfect life again. So before you answer no to that seemingly simple question from the first sentence of this paragraph, you should read Phoebe's story and see just how one perfect green dress can really change a person's life.

I really liked Lucky written by Rachel Vail. I thought that it was kind of hard to relate to the characters though because their lives are way different than mine in many different aspects. I liked the characters and I thought that it would be really cool and easy to be friends with them, and most of them were pretty well developed but some of them I wouldn't have minded a few more details and descriptions about them and their lives and personalities. The almost too rare occasions of romance thrown into the book added a nice bit of spice to Phoebe's tale, not to mention a fun way to keep me interested the whole way through the story. I was left with a few questions such as what ended up happening with her mother's job, which I'm hoping will get answered in one of the next two books of this teenage trilogy. I recommend this novel to younger teenage girls who like drama with a twist of love thrown in.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA USA


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