In the Serpent's Coils

In the Serpent's Coils by Tiffany Trent
Tiffany Trent
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  EM
Corrine has been having nightmares. In them, a mysterious and frightening man called "The Captain" has been calling to her, and soon she begins to see him when she's awake, too. When her uncle sends her to a decripit boarding school in the South, she hopes to have escaped the man and her dreams . . . but soon she is caught up in a tumult of intrigue and magic. And it's up to her to stop it.

I can't quite figure out whether I liked this book or not. I applaud the author's choice of the book's post Civil War setting and her creative choices of names (I was especially fond of "Corrine"). It had an engaging plot and characters, but was also dark and rather creepy. Perhaps it was a bit more gothic than most of the fantasy novels I'm used to reading. I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up the next book in the series, though. I look forward to finding out more about Corrinne, her friends, and the mysterious world of the Fey.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Moscow, ID USA


Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  CMy
After being unconscious from swamp fever, Corrine finally wakes up to find that she's in a strange bed in a foreign house and she has no idea where she is or how she got there. Then all of a sudden a woman who claims she's Corrine's uncle's maid tells her about the tragic loss of both of her parents, and that she will be staying there with her from now on. That is until she goes outside and meets the Fey who live under the Hawthorne bush, and that is how her life ended up becoming what is today-- endangered. After getting into trouble with her uncle for sneaking around and giving away his most valuable and prized possession, he ships her off to live at the Falston Manor run by Miss Brown, who is his very close friend. Every night the girls that live there are locked in their rooms and are forbidden to leave the building without supervision. After she starts encountering strange dreams, seeing scary visions when touching certain items and finding weird letters, Corrine begins to believe that there is more going on at Falston than she is aware of. She begins to feel that her life is threatened and there is no safe place to go and no one to turn to or trust. Until she meets Rory, that is. He starts to tell her things no one else will and always manages to rescue her from certain death, but how come he always happens to be around when she needs him the most? And is it such a good thing to believe someone you don't know, who tells you things you can't be sure are true just because he's cute and you want to win his heart? Sometimes forbidden love can get you into deep, deep trouble.

I really enjoyed reading In The Serpent's Coils by Tiffany Trent. She is a great author who really knows how to engage your entire being in the story and in the make-believe world that is taking place around you. I was intrigued by how she wrote the story because when I thought I finally knew everything that was going on with Corrine and Fey and then she turned the tables and I was back to square one; and everything that I thought I knew turned out to be the total opposite of what it really was. I liked how the author put in a little romance because it added a little spice to the already great novel. She was very good at keeping my interest and I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in the Hallowmere series and see what she has in store for me next.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, Pennsylvania United States


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