Girl Mary

Girl Mary by Petru Popescu
Petru Popescu
Simon and Schuster
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Based on the biblical story of the Virgin Mary, Girl Mary recounts the events of Marys youth. This version of the story of the biblical Virgin Mary is sure to please fans of the Bible and of adventure and romance alike. Being born a Jew, Mary follows the strict religious ways of her people and captures the eye and heart of all those that lay sight of her. When she was about the age of fourteen, King Herod exiles Marys tribe to the Judean desert after an attack on her house in Nazareth. Three years later a man named Pontius Pilate is sent into the desert to find this Mary that is known as a girl prophesized to be special and in favor of God. Pilate has the task of finding a theophany to prove Augustus Caesars state of being divine and that he is a God, so he can achieve his ultimate goal of being a stronger ruler. Pilate is captured by Marys perfection at first glance and agrees to get Marys tribes homes back and the banishment of her people lifted. Soon after this pleasant surprise visit by the Roman soldier, Marys people leave the desert homeland and start on the journey of a lifetime to get their homes back and do Gods will. Along the way, many unique occurrences come about and Mary truly starts to grow not only in body but also in her faith and starts her long journey to womanhood. Might I add that she has a very mysterious man by her side to help her through this adventure?

I enjoyed reading Girl Mary and it gave me a new perspective on the well-known story of the Virgin Mary. I liked how the author included many different opportunities for stopping by including a well-planned-out method of creating different titled sections and spaced-out sections. I was kept interested throughout the entirety of the novel but I did find myself rereading a lot of it because I was constantly confused. There was a multifarious range of characters, some having more than one name, and no list of the characters and their roles so it was hard to keep track of them. The ending played out well and was quite a surprise. I thought the overall story, Girl Mary, was well thought out and the author did a nice job at writing an interesting read. One thing I was wondering about though was how the Biblical story of Mary was how she was a pregnant virgin but in the story the author has Mary getting pregnant by having intercourse with Joseph; it doesnt make much sense to me. I definitely do recommend Girl Mary and its sure to appeal to a diverse range of ages and fans of many different genres alike.

There was a lot of sexual themes, references, and suggestions, and talk of nudity and prostitution, as well as alcohol/substance usage and different religious beliefs are discussed.

Reviewer Age:16

Reviewer City, State and Country: Upper Strasburg, PA USA


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