First Light

First Light by Rebbeca Stead
Rebbeca Stead
Random House
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9 -12

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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KMeng
Peter is going on an expedition to Greenland with his scientific father, mother, and a young man named Jonas. He is really excited to go, but lately has been feeling weird when he sees random visions. They also lead to headaches. Peter tries to figure out what they mean while sharing his dad's adventures and playing with the sled dogs, especially Sasha. Meanwhile, on another side of First Light, Thea tries to convince her people to move back to the surface of the actual Earth. She is the seventh in a generation of people that have lived in a secret place inside the arctic ice. Her grandmother, Rowen, definitely disagrees with Thea's plan, but when Thea gets a mysterious map she comes up with an even better plan to move back to the surface and see the sun for the first time. Together, Peter and Thea search for answers and try to live their dreams with help from maybe only one or two others. What would happen if they broke their world barriers and met?

First Light had an excellent description of the setting the entire time. I loved how the story kept switching from character to character and that I could follow each side very easily. Both main characters, Peter and Thea, were well described and I loved their personalities because both were determined to succeed. Because of the switching of the two characters, I loved how it was written in third person. If it was written in first person, I may have gotten lost or forgotten which character it was. For my age group, the writing and vocabulary was perfect. It wasn't so easy that I knew every single word, but I didn't need a dictionary beside me while reading it either. The whole time I was reading the book,I loved each plot and how each side advanced equally. Even though they were separate plots. I also liked how the plots combined together so well. First Light is definitely a book I would recommend to others if they like adventure and mystery.

Reviewer Age:14

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States of America


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