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Eliza's Journal by Caelyn AB Williams
Caelyn AB Williams
Craigmore Creations
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Eliza Walcott is going to have the dullest summer of her entire fifteen years. Her parents have carted her off to live with her aunt and uncle for the summer, in a little boondock town off the coast of Washington, while they are on a business tripin Florida, of all places. At least shell have a little recreation time. Not. Her dear Uncle Pat is making her get a summer job. Off the coast of Washington. In the middle of nowhere. When she is fifteen years old. Not going to happen, right? Wrong. Much to Elizas disgust, she lands a job as a natural history illustrator for a creepy old man, Mr. Tanner, who enjoys gathering old dinosaur bones and studying them for kicks. Yep, her summer is officially sunk. As Eliza starts her new job (grudgingly, at best) she is drawn in by the sense that something is very different about her employers, Orville Tanner and his handsome grandson, Charlie. Even as her romance with Charlie grows, questions still float around in Elizas mind. Why cant they just take photographs of the bones instead of somebody drawing them? Why are they so secretive about their work? What exactly are they trying to accomplish with their findings? Eliza is content to not ask questions until Mr. Tanner requests her to draw a mammoth dinosaur skullwith some flesh still on it! Curious and worried by these events, Eliza sets out to discover the Tanners dark secret. What she didnt plan on was stepping into something that was a little over her head&. Its not a fossil, I said, and I wasnt questioning him. Just like the Maiacetus skull, it was ancient but not fossilized. No, its not, he said plainly.

I was really, truly impressed with this book. Im not going to rant and rave about it and say its one for the classics, bit I did enjoy it nonetheless. I loved the story plot, the intrigue that revolved around the Tanners. The book was also written through the journal of Eliza, giving me a deep, inside look at the world through her eyes. It really helped me connect with her character. There was a little bit of romance, danger, and intrigue that made one perfectly scrumptious mix that left me wanting more&.more&more! Humor was abound in this book, too. Not many novels can make me laugh out loud (in the middle of class, too!) but this work did the trick. The novel was also very informative about the different geological species and the periods in time which they lived in. If you are interested in archeology of any kind, youll love this book. I promise! I drew for a few moments before I noticed something weird. This was not a fossil. I would recommend this book for ages ten and up, or for mature readers, because there is some mild expletives throughout the novel. Also, the geological terms might be quiet confusing for younger readers who havent studied ancient history yet. What is so weird about the mysterious Tanners? Why are their so called specimens not fossilized? And why are they so secretive about what they do? Its up to Eliza to find out!

Reviewer Age:13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Leopold, Missouri U.S.A.


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