Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster
Jean Webster
Random House
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  LCS0511
Daddy Long-Legs is kind of like a diary. It's about a girl who goes to an orphanage and then a mystery man, who she calls Daddy Long-Legs, paid for her to go to a college. The book is about her going to college and sending letters to Daddy Long-Legs. She sends letters about her days at school and other things that are happening. College is a whole new experience for her because she meets a few really good friends, she has to get used to something new, goes on her first visit to a farm, and she learns a lot of new things. She tries to figure out who Daddy Long-Legs is by asking him questions in her letter, but he never responds to her questions. She likes to pretend he is her father and that the presents he sends are from her family. The book is like a mystery.

Daddy Long-Legs had a very descriptive setting because I can imagine self in the college with her, although I do have to say it wasn't that descriptive at the orphanage, where she went back for holidays. I really liked how Daddy Long-Legs was a mystery and the girl was so creative and energetic. I could easily see them both being real people. This is one of the reasons it seemed like a non-fiction story; it felt like it could be a biography or someone's real diary. I thought Daddy Long-Legs was a nice person because he was sending her to college, but since he didn't really respond to her letters I had a hard time at first telling if he was trustworthy. I also wished he'd sent letters back to her so that I could get to know his character more. In the middle of the book the author gave lots of description that was kind of hard to process, and I had to re-read some paragraphs. I thought overall the book was a little boring because it was about the simple things in her life that were new in college. Nothing very exciting happened; she bought a new dress, feed chickens at the farm, etc, but nothing exciting happened for most of the book. If you are more of a settled person who wants to sit and read a calm book, you'd like this book. But if you are more into an exciting, adventurous, action, romance book, you might find it a little boring.

Reviewer Age:9

Reviewer City, State and Country: Alexandria, VA USA


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