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Cowgirl Dreams

Cowgirl Dreams by Heidi M. Thomas
Heidi M. Thomas
Treble Heart Books
Release Date:Nov-30-2008

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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  TKono
"Cowgirl Dreams" by Heidi M. Thomas is an adventurous novel. The main character Nettie aspires to be a rodeo star. She abhors domesticity and yearns to be more than just a housewife someday. Nettie gets involved in altercations as her mother is against her participating in rodeos. Still, Nettie finds a way to ride and even meets famous female riders. The descriptions of western life in the 1920s is fabulous, and readers will root for the underdog that is Nettie.

The book starts out with action, leads to drama, goes back to action, and then delves into romance. Kissing is mentioned, and consummating a marriage is included. There are no details, but readers get the gist. Vocabulary-wise, readers may have to look up five verbose words at the most and a couple of horse equipment terms. While anyone could read this book, it will probably be more enjoyed by female readers.

Subtle romance

Reviewer Age:18

Reviewer City, State and Country: Staten Island, NY USA

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Teaching Material and Educational Information
Readers' Discussion Questions for Cowgirl Dreams
A list of questions for readers to discuss upon reading this novel, based on a real cowgirl, the author's grandmother. Readers Guide to Cowgirl Dreams 1. What was the significance of Nettie riding in her first rodeo? 2. What were her obstacles? 3. What did staying on the steer mean to her? 4. Why was Netties mother so upset? 5. Do you think she was just being mean? 6. What did you learn about social protocol in Montanas 1920s? 7. How did Nettie overcome her obstacles? 8. What did it mean for her to meet her neighbor, Jake Moser? 9. Do you think she expected a romance? 10. Were you surprised by their elopement? 11. Were you surprised by Mamas reaction? 12. Was the ending satisfying?
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