Biology: Life As We Know it!

Biology: Life As We Know it! by Dan Green
Dan Green
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KMeng
Biology is completely alive and all around us! It is the study of life; this includes plants, animals, and all cells. All of the types of life are classified by the following kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and protists. In order for the organisms to function, they require "building blocks." Cells, mitochondria, DNA, and enzymes are just a few of these needed parts. Larger groups of cells make up organs. A few human organs are the heart, lungs, skin, and kidneys. Plants, however, have different needs including stems, roots, seeds, and pollen.

Biology: Life As We Know it! was a somewhat strange book. I have always enjoyed biology, but this book was meant for younger students who are just starting their education in biology. The pictures that were included were rather cheesy and strange. The information, however, would be beneficial to anyone studying the subject. On every page, there were a few random facts about the specific topic. This broadened my knowledge on the individual topics. The actual writing was well done and succinct. I recommend this book to students who have a hard time with biology.

Reviewer Age:15

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States of America


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