Beautiful Americans

Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag
Lucy Silag
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  PS
Four American teens go away to Paris for a semester for very different reasons. PJ is in Paris to avoid a scandal involving her parents. Dancer Olivia is there for a job while Alex and Zach are looking for the perfect boyfriends. For some, their situations at home prevent them for letting go completely. But all of the teens hope to reinvent their lives while in Paris.

Once I started reading this book, it was hard to put down. Sometimes it would get confusing having to keep up with so many characters. But they were all so different and their stories were interesting to read. Setting the story in Paris just added to the intrigue. This is the perfect summer beach read. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel later this year.

Reviewer Age:22

Reviewer City, State and Country: Philadelphia, PA United States


Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  PS
Beautiful Americans follows four American exchange students who join a Parisian study program. Alex, a typical New York socialite and expert in spending her parents money, joins the program after she is cut off. Olivia has been given the opportunity to train with a famous ballet school. PJ is hoping to get away from a scandal plaguing her family. Zach is a Southern boy who has been hiding his gay lifestyle because of his conservation hometown. In Paris, all 4 students want to escape their problems at home and hope to change their lives for the better. The story alternates between the different perspectives, and documents the trials and adventures of the four teens as they live in Paris for the year.

As a fan of books like Gossip Girl and the like, this plot of this book interested me right away. The plot of Beautiful Americans isnt a new one, but the way the story was written was attention grabbing and the Parisian background added a whole new level to the novel. The drama behind the 4 teens is interesting to read and the further I got into the story, the more I wanted to know about them. Beautiful Americans is a great summer read. The great news about this Beautiful Americans is that this is book number 1 in a series and there are 2 other books out. So for a taste of teen drama and adventure, give the Beautiful American series a try!

Reviewer Age:23

Reviewer City, State and Country: Philadelphia, PA USA


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