All The Way: Prom Night

All The Way: Prom Night by Megan Stine
Megan Stine
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Flamingnet Student Book Reviewer  KMeng
Carmen Salgado has just moved to a new school. It is her senior year and it has been going horrible. Her only three friends are her cousin, her cousin's best friend, and her best friend from her old school. Most importantly, Carmen NEEDS a date to the prom. Finally, the most popular guy in school asks her out near the end of the school year and she accepts. They go to the donkey basketball game and everyone stares at them the entire time, especially his ex- girlfriend. When they leave the game, he takes her to a lake. He wants to go all the way, but she won't have it. So she walks home, three miles, and is extremely agrivated. He posted a message on his website, that the whole school reads, saying that they did go the whole way. Everyone believed him of course. Her friends and her tried out for the school play and she wanted to be the lead along with her crush, Tyler North. When The entire play cast goes to Cleveland to audition for American Superstar Carmen finds out the real Tyler. Does she ever get Tyler to like her? Does she find a prom date? Will everyone believe her side of what happened? Does she get revenge?

All the Way: Prom Night is a very good read. I read it in one night! The book is a page turner because the reader is always wondering if Carmen will get what she wants. The vocabulary is not difficult either. At the end of the book it kind of leaves you hanging because you don't know what happens to some of the characters. Megan Stine could have added an epilogue to it so we did know what happened. I definitly learned that you should learn more about people before you start to trust them as well as Carmen did. I recomend this book to any female mature readers (guys would be bored because the problems in it are pretty much female issues).

Content:mature reader for sexual situations

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8

Reviewer Age: 13

Reviewer City, State and Country: Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States


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