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Flamingnet in the Classroom and Library is an innovative program using Flamingnet's established online system. The program can become part of a library program, class curriculum, or can be used to create book clubs. FITCL is designed to help librarians, teachers and parents encourage their students to read and improve their writing.

Here's how it works…

Step 1
A librarian/teacher identifies up to 15 students in 4th to 12th grade who enjoy reading new young adult books and who would like to write reviews on the books they read.

Step 2 (applying)
The librarian/teacher has these students complete
the Flamingnet in the Classroom and Library student reviewer application, listing the librarian/teacher as the "underwriter" for these students. (Underwriter is the name Flamingnet uses for adults responsible for evaluating and approving student reviews before they are posted online at Flamingnet.)

There is an initial administrative fee of $15.00 per student for the first year. The administrative fee helps us with the costs associated with processing and mailing books. After a year, if a student chooses to continue as a Flamingnet student reviewer (whether continuing in the FLAMINGNET IN THE CLASSROOM AND LIBRARY PROGRAM or not), they can renew their membership for $10.00 for each subsequent year.

Step 3 (selecting a book to review)
Once Flamingnet receives these applications, the students are emailed a username and password allowing them to login to Flamingnet Book Reviews ( and select a new book to review from our list of available books. Students submit their book requests online directly to Flamingnet.

Step 4
After receiving the book requests, the books are sent to students via mail. Students usually receive a book within 1 - 2 weeks after submitting their request.

Step 5 (the review process)
Students are asked to read and submit their review within 4 - 6 weeks after receiving the book. Once the student's review is written, the student logs into Flamingnet and submits their review online. Reviews should follow a general format that includes a brief summary of the book and the reviewer's opinion. You can look at currently posted book reviews on Flamingnet for examples of our student book review format.

Step 6
The student's review is then forwarded to their librarian/teacher underwriter for evaluation prior to being accepted and posted online at Flamingnet.

Step 7
The underwriter evaluates the student's review online and either accepts the review for posting on Flamingnet (occasionally making minor corrections to the review) or sends a message back to the student with specific recommendations on how they should edit their review. Once the review is edited by the student, it is resubmitted for reevaluation and acceptance.

Step 8
After the review has been accepted and posted on Flamingnet, the student can keep the book and then choose another book to review. Students can review an unlimited number of books each year that they participate as a Flamingnet student reviewer.

Many schools and libraries have incorporated Flamingnet into their curriculum and programs. Flamingnet has also been used to start local book clubs, and we have worked individually with hundreds of student reviewers from all over the United States, ranging from 5th grade to college (learn more). These students review new and advance books for us. They appreciate this opportunity and find reviewing for Flamingnet to be very worthwhile and fun (Please read comments from some of our student reviewers).

Flamingnet Student Reviewers
Come from all over the United States

(orange states represent where our reviewers live)
States Where Flamingnet Student Reviewers Live

and from England and Australia too.
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If you have questions, please send us an email or
call us (410 215-9020).

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