I love everything about Flamingnet! The variety of genres is awesome; if you can't find something on Flamingnet to read, you didn't want to read at all. That's how Flamingnet encourages young adults to read; they have a book review for everything you can think of! I love how I can voice my true opinions of books I've read on flamingnet.com...I don't have to worry about hiding the truth about a book, especially if it deals with controversial issues. Flamingnet is just an awesome website that gives readers, reviewers, authors, and publishers alike a chance to talk about books and connect with other people who love to read!

KK - Indiana

Flamingnet.com has been a phenomenal experience for me. For months (possibly years, I don't actually remember when I began to surf flamingnet.com) I enjoyed reading the reviews that my peers had written about new and upcoming books that I couldn't wait to check out at the library. When I found that I had an opportunity to review books of my own, I was thrilled. Becoming a reviewer for flamingnet has enhanced and broadened the types of literature I read. Waiting for books to come in the mail has become almost a lifestyle since I have started to review for flamingnet.com. With each improvement Seth and Gary make, flamingnet flourishes--I am so glad to be part of such a great community in which people from around the world enjoy the wonders of reading.

MW - Massachusetts : )

I love Flamingnet. Not only do I have an opportunity to benefit from the free books I receive, but I also get to improve my reading skills. I think that Flamingnet encourages young adults to read because they have a chance to see what other young people think about books. I feel it is an excellent program and I am honored to be a student reviewer.

KL - California

I enjoy being able to review books for Flamingnet because it allows me to read, which I love doing, and share my feelings about what I read, also something I love to do.

SO - New York

What I like most about being a student reviewer is picking out books from genres I don't normally read and finding out that I like them. It's also nice to get books for no cost.

AS - Pennsylvania

The thing I like most about being a Flamingnet reviewer is how much this program has helped me with my reading and writing skills. Before this, I would pick up a book, read it, then either return it to the library or put it back on my shelf. I hardly gave any attention to the character development or morals in the text or even the author. Now, when I pick up a book, I get to befriend the characters and grab certain phrases and lessons from the text. I also have respect for the authors and the effort they put into writing their books and take every chance I get to talk with them. Also, when I write my review(s), it's for a purpose, not just a school assignment, but a review that goes online, where anyone can read it and learn about my experiences with that certain book. Another thing I enjoy is receiving an ARC (advanced readers copy). It makes me very proud to have such an amazing opportunity.

TV - North Carolina

I love reviewing books for Flamingnet because of the free books I'm sent! Also, reading and reviewing books is so satisfying, especially when you know that other people will read your reviews and want to pick up the book, too. Flamingnet encourages other young adults to read because teens and kids can come to the site and see what other young people their age liked. And they think, well, that 16 yr old girl liked that book or that genre is my favorite, too, and that gives them incentive to pick up the book itself.

EM - Idaho

I want to thank you for giving these girls the opportunity to review for you. We are located in a very rural part of Ohio and often these students don't get these types of opportunities. I know that they both have gained self-confidence in their reading, their writing, and themselves throughout the course of the two years I have known them--much of that is due to your program. Though they only reviewed a few books for you, it has made the world of difference. I hope other teens are affected in this way by reviewing for Flamingnet.

SS - Ohio