Monday, September 05, 2005

Framed! by Malcom Rose

In a futuristic Britain, Luke Harding is the youngest Forensic Investigator ever. On the day he is certified, Luke is assigned to a case that is too close to home. A student at the school he attends is murdered with an arrow, and the only fingerprints on the arrow are Luke’s! With his robotic sidekick, Malc, Luke is equipped with everything he needs to deal with a world where people are ‘paired’, cats and dogs are all but extinct, and people with white skin are jeered and teased. Luke must prove himself innocent of the series of murders that all point to him.

I enjoyed the book. Malcom Rose is clearly qualified to write the book, as he is a forensic teacher. The scientific facts are laced masterfully with an entertaining story. The only thing that the story lacks is character emotions. Though the development is fine, and we know exactly the disposition of each character, the feelings of the character leave a bit to be desired. All in all, the book is very good and certainly worth reading.

Rating (0 - 10 scale): 8
Flamingnet Reviewer Age: 12
Flamignet Reviewer City, State and Country: Greencastle, PA USA