Our Student Reviewers

Over the years, hundreds of young adults have reviewed new and advance books for Flamingnet. Information about how to become a Flamingnet student reviewer and an application are found elsewhere on the site. A teacher, librarian, or parent can start or support a local young adult book club as part of our Flamingnet in the Classroom and Library program.

Our student reviewers not only get to read new books before they become available in bookstores, they get to keep the books that we send them to review. Flamingnet student reviewers also learn how to express their opinions in writing about what they read. Through our underwriter program, adult volunteers (authors, teachers and librarians) assist our students with their writing skills and provide important feedback in order to encourage them to become better writers.

After a student reads and reviews a new book, we ask them to rate each book they review on a scale from 1 - 10 (10 being the best). Flamingnet's TOP CHOICE AWARD is given to books based on this student reviewer rating. We also ask our reviewers about the language and content (drugs, sex, and violence) in the book, and students rate books for content using our Flamingnet Content Rating. Hopefully, their reviews and ratings will help you decide on your choice of books.